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WearGPT: The first app to bring OpenAI GPT to wearOS


Have you wished you could use your wearOS watch to access the power of OpenAI’s GPT language model? Well you can now, thanks to an innovative new app called WearGPT.

Even though it is still in its early stages of development, the software is fully functional on most wearOS watches. This includes Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and above.

You can use this app to ask questions, get instant answers, perform quick calculations, and much more without having to pull out your phone or open a browser. It’s like having a personal virtual assistant on your wrist!

WearGPT is not first out of the box. We’ve already seen a similar Apple Watch offering and Amazfit has recently posted a demo on social media of its solution. Without a doubt, we’ll soon be spoiled for choice with AI apps that work from our wrist. It’s an exciting time.

WearGPT – fully functional, but still in development

One of the most appealing aspects of WearGPT is its simplicity. So you can use it even if you’re not a tech expert. Simply ask a natural language question by clicking on the speaker button, and the app will respond in seconds in either written or spoken format.

The real star of the show, of course, is the GPT model itself. This cutting-edge language processing model is capable of comprehending natural language and generating accurate and relevant responses. It is currently one of the most advanced language models available to the public.

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Like any new app, there are some bugs and glitches to work out. For example, some of the watches in the Mobvoi range and Tag Heur Connected do not work currently with the software. But the author is addressing this as revealed by a post on Reddit.

Potential privacy issues are something to keep in mind. The app makes use of openAI’s user API (base plan). However, you cannot currently enter your own API. Which means the software employs the author’s own token for the app. Furthermore, the API currently allows only a limited number of requests per month.

Having said that, the software distinguishes itself by not requiring any logins or signups. Furthermore, the author states that he is working on adding the ability to use one’s own key.

A better personal assistant

This app has something for everyone, whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just want to make your life a little easier. Who knows? You may just find that it becomes an essential part of your daily routine. Just don’t use it to cheat on those essay exams!

You can download it on the PlayStore. The app is free and the author says he doesn’t intend on charging for it. The plan is to ultimately make the software open source.

With more than 1,000 downloads over the past couple of days, the app is gaining popularity among users who want to take advantage of the power of GPT without having to carry a bulky device around with them.

Give it a spin. Who knows what kind of conversations you’ll end up having with your smartwatch!

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