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The Download: battery recycling, and how AI might revamp Microsoft Office

The Download: battery recycling, and how AI might revamp Microsoft Office

This is today’s edition of The Download, our weekday newsletter that supplies a day-to-day dosage of what’s going on the planet of innovation.

How old batteries will assist power tomorrow’s EVs

To Redwood Materials, the rows of cardboard boxes in the car park of its brand-new battery recycling website simply outside Reno, Nevada, represent both the past and the future of electrical lorries.

Far from garbage, the battery products in the cordless keyboards, disposed of toys and pieces of utilized Honda Civic batteries are treasure– the metals are important components that might be vital to satisfying blowing up need for electrical automobiles.

Redwood Materials is simply among numerous brand-new recycling endeavors that are not just avoiding the metals from being buried in garbage dumps, however likewise stimulating a thriving market for electrical cars. The ever-growing variety of EVs will need even more metals than are presently readily available. While recycling can’t deal with material scarcities alone, it has a substantial function to play. Read the complete story

— Casey Crownhart

This is where Tesla’s previous CTO believes battery recycling is headed

As Tesla’s previous chief innovation officer, JB Straubel has actually been a significant gamer in bringing electrical cars to the world. He’s frequently credited with developing crucial pieces of Tesla’s battery innovation and developing the business’s charging network.

Now, as creator of Redwood Materials, he’s at the leading edge of battery recycling. Our environment press reporter Casey Crownhart spoke with him about the function he sees battery recycling playing in the shift to renewable resource, his prepare for Redwood, and what’s next. Read the complete story

Battery recycling is among our 10 Breakthrough Technologies, which we’re showcasing one-by-one in The Download every day. Why not have a look at the remainder of the list, and vote in our survey to assist us choose what should make the last 11 th?

Here’s how Microsoft might utilize ChatGPT

Microsoft is apparently considering a $10 billion financial investment in OpenAI, the start-up that produced the viral chatbot ChatGPT, and is preparing to incorporate it into Office items and Bing search.

This is a huge offer. If effective, it will bring effective AI tools to the masses. What would ChatGPT-powered Microsoft items look like? While neither Microsoft or OpenAI wanted to address our concerns, we understand enough to make some notified, smart guesses. Tip: it’s most likely great news if you discover developing PowerPoint discussions and addressing e-mails tiring. Read the complete story

— Melissa Heikkilä

Melissa’s story is from The Algorithm, her weekly AI newsletter. Sign up to get it in your inbox every Monday.

The must-reads

I’ve combed the web to discover you today’s most fun/important/scary/ remarkable stories about innovation.

1 China’s population has actually succumbed to the very first time in 60 years
The news has significant ramifications for the nation’s social, defense and financial policies. ( CNN)
+ China’s economy is dropping. ( Quartz)
+ India is set to take control of as the world’s most populated nation. ( Economist $)
+ Anti-covid absolutely no demonstrators are still being apprehended. ( Bloomberg $)

2 The very first expense for Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase is looming
How he handles it is yet another significant test of his management. ( FEET $)
+ We’re experiencing the brain death of Twitter. ( MIT Technology Review)

3 Getty Images is taking legal action against Stable Diffusion’s developers
Getty declares the software application was trained utilizing countless unlawfully scraped images. ( The Verge)
+ Microsoft is including ChatGPT to its cloud service “quickly.” ( Bloomberg $)

4 EV sales have actually passed a substantial turning point
They comprised 10% of brand-new vehicles offered in 2015. ( WSJ $)
+ Tesla is slashing its rates– however not everybody’s delighted. ( The Verge)

5 Tenant-screening algorithms apparently victimized Black tenants
Now the United States Department of Justice is getting included. ( Wired $)
+ AI has actually worsened racial predisposition in real estate. Could it assist remove it rather? ( MIT Technology Review)

6 3D printed structures might assist to fix the United States real estate crisis
But there’s a significant barrier: the method the building and construction market works now. ( New Yorker $)
+ Meet the designers printing homes out of salt and clay. ( MIT Technology Review)

7 United States tech companies are poaching skill from Latin American start-ups
Local start-ups battle to match the incomes, which are still low by United States requirements. ( Rest of World)

8 The misery and euphoria of owning a desired Instagram manage
You ‘d much better get ready for individuals attempting to take it. ( Slate $)

9 Life management apps can be more difficulty than they’re worth
They’re developed to lighten our load, however can typically contribute to it rather. ( Vice)
+ Chore apps were indicated to make moms’ lives simpler. They frequently do not. ( MIT Technology Review)

10 One of the web’s preferred memes should have a better ending
Maybe this actually is great. ( WP $)

Quote of the day

” With all the love and regard on the planet, this tune is bullshit, a monstrous mockery of what it is to be human, and, well, I do not similar to it.”

— Musician Nick Cave tears into AI design ChatGPT’s effort to “compose a tune in the design of Nick Cave,” reports the Guardian

The huge story

Why less expensive solar photovoltaics are essential to attending to environment modification

June 2021

In late 2007, Google came out swinging on the tidy energy front, stating it wished to make renewable resource less expensive than coal. The business invested 10s of countless dollars into R&D efforts. Simply 4 years later on, those efforts had actually been ditched.

It would be all too simple to see this as an admission of failure. Google’s shift in technique was a reflection of the growing success of the solar sector. And though the release of solar photovoltaic innovation, which transforms light into electrical energy, has actually increased quickly over the previous years, we still require ever more technological advances to keep pressing the existing approaches– along with supporting research study and advancement in brand-new locations. Read the complete story

— Gernot Wagner

We can still have good things

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+ If you’re curious about how to make a negroni sbagliato(with prosecco in it), question no longer.
+ There’s no stopping the hyperfemininity buzz train.
+ Affordable vacations, you state?
+ Here’s an excellent list of dishes for those days when you’re feeling under the weather condition (thanks Charlotte!)
+ How to make a beautiful mug from a huge ole hunk of wood


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