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Reviewer buys 16TB portable SSD for $70, proves it’s a sham

Reviewer buys 16TB portable SSD for $70, proves it’s a sham
fake amazon portable ssd

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Amazon will not reject that deceitful evaluations on its platform are an issue. And regardless of years of reports of phony storage items, noted with falsified evaluations to conceal phony specifications and efficiency claims, the frauds keep coming.

On Monday, Review Geek detailed its purchase of what an Amazon listing declared was a 16 TB portable M. 2 SSD for $70 The drive, like comparable Amazon listings, had lots of luxury evaluations. The low-cost SSD turned out to simply be a 64 GB microSD in a circuit board with a USB-C port.

This is all in spite of the drive revealing as 16 TB storage on Windows, which Review Geek thinks is because of misleading circuit board firmware.

The listing and box weren’t even sincere about its connection, declaring USB 3.0 Micro B to USB 3.1 Type-C. The gadget actually counts on USB 2.0, Review Geek figured out after evaluating the item with ChipGenius, an app for taking a look at USB gadgets. Moving 1GB of information with the SSD microSD card apparently took 20 minutes rather of the anticipated single minute.

Finally, package’s claims of compatibility with clever TVs, Android, Windows 7, and Windows 10 stay doubtful, and assistance for”|OS” appears difficult because that’s not a thing.

The great news is Review Geek didn’t discover any malware on the gadget.

The problem is that this is simply one example of the many that have actually been reported over the previous couple of years and stay scattered throughout Amazon.

Cheap “16 TB SSDs” are plentiful

After checking out Review Geek’s story, I browsed Amazon for a “16 TB SSD,” and was instantly consulted with $70-$110 choices with unidentified brand, like Generic, SAJIULAS, and WIOTA, the brand name of the drive Review Geek bought. All had at least 3.5 stars, and some had numerous evaluations.

However, checking out a few of these evaluations made me concern if we’ve been utilizing SSDs incorrect all this time. An evaluation on among the extremely low-cost portable SSD listings stated the item to be “a really vibrant toss, however thinner” than anticipated. Another reported that the drive showed “extremely soft and ideal” for their 6-year-old. One evaluation indicated the SSD being a “gorgeous picture” that looks fantastic in the kitchen area, while another luxury evaluation indicated the high microphone and video quality.

I even saw an evaluation meaning among the portable SSD’s real nature, mentioning that it’s an “inexpensive 64 GB” alternative, in spite of the evaluation appearing under a 16 TB SSD.

As mentioned by Review Geek, fraudsters have actually been modifying existing listings (consisting of brand-new images, titles, and descriptions) for an item till they are offering a totally various product. That method, sellers can preserve the high evaluations, and make the brand-new item appearance extremely ranked. This likewise discusses how portable storage might get 5 star for being terrific to take a look at while consuming supper.

Whether you call it evaluation combining, evaluation reuse, or evaluation hijacking, it’s a practice fraudsters have actually utilized to deceive PC part consumers for several years and one Amazon has yet to eliminate.

History repeats itself

Unfortunately, tales of fundamental microSD cards impersonating high-speed, high-capacity portable SSDs have actually been getting steam recently. ZDNet reported on purchasing a $20 example in May, and TechRadar went over the problem in September, keeping in mind the takedown of some Amazon listings after its short article. In August, we reported on a fraudster offering a 30 TB portable SSD on Walmart for $39

Regarding PC storage in basic, there are many reports of individuals getting items various from what’s marketed on Amazon. And it’s not just minimal to SSD storage. Individuals have actually reported duplicitous posts for inexpensive disk drive and USB flash drives

Review Geek’s story is a tip of how mindful buyers need to be when purchasing suspiciously inexpensive tech from sites. Regardless of reports and subsequent eliminations of deceitful storage gadgets, they keep appearing.

According to Review Geek, the item it bought vanished and was right away changed by another listing prior to Review Geek reported the scams to Amazon. It’s uncertain if Amazon eliminated the initial publishing or if the seller did it separately prior to it might be punished.

As Review Geek put it, it’s like a video game of whack-a-mole for Amazon. Amazon’s evaluation procedure has actually caused analysis from clients, the media, and UK’s competitors regulator, The Competition and Markets Authority. Amazon has actually relied on the courts to fight business and Facebook groups that it declares sell phony evaluations. Amazon has actually been taking legal action against over phony evaluations considering that 2015 They still run widespread on the website.


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