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Hyperpaper Planner: fully interlinked dayplanner for e-ink tablets

Hyperpaper Planner: fully interlinked dayplanner for e-ink tablets

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Customer reviews

Your calendar is definitely excellent! A video game changer for me. This is a terrific little bit of advancement for a fantastic gadget, thank you a lot for your work. Extremely outstanding. Really enjoy your organizer. It’s the start of every day, and the page I leave my rM2 on when it goes to sleep. It’s turned my eink gadget from a rather troublesome novelty gimmicky note pad, to a smooth and useful organizer I enjoy my amazing 2 and these annual organizers make them even much better! It has actually been the distinction maker in me selling/returning my impressive and keeping it!


2 × Year calendar pages

Fully connected calendar pages for the present and next year

example page

4 × Quarterly preparation pages

Lined or dotted pages for designing your objectives for each month. Related to every day and month in the quarter.

example page

12 × Month calendar pages

Your timeless month-to-month calendar, with each cell connecting to the matching Day page. Optionally consist of main vacations (numerous nations supported!)

example page

53 × Weekly job pages

Choose lined, dotted, or kanban pages. Connected bidirectionally with every day in the week.

example page

365 × Daily pages

The heart of the organizer. One page for each day in the year, with:

  • Dotted or lined design
  • Space for your leading jobs
  • Plenty of space for day-to-day notes or a journal entry
  • ( optional) program on the ideal side to assist wrangle your schedule
  • ( optional) Shaded working hours in the program

example page

?? × Meeting Notes

A hassle-free structured design template for your conference notes– readily available lined or dotted. Include as lots of collections as you require, so you can quickly arrange notes from various kinds of conferences.

example page

?? × Collection pages

This is what sets our organizer apart. Tailor which additional connected pages are consisted of, to customize it to your requirements. Utilize these for:

  • Projects & & loose notes
  • Habit & & physical fitness trackers
  • Book scores & & evaluations
  • … anything else you wish to arrange and track


What is this thing?
The Hyperpaper Planner is a totally interlinked dayplanner developed for tablet gadgets, consisted of in a single pdf file. It uses a variety of modifications so you can customize it to your requirements.
Why this coordinator?
There are numerous strong alternatives out there for pdf-based organizers. The primary factors you may select this one:
  • Significant customizability and modularity. Produce a coordinator with the functions that matter to you, without additional things that gets in your method
  • Consistent and user-friendly navigation
  • Support for legal holidays in numerous nations
  • Excellent assistance for bullet journalling
  • Aesthetics– this is subjective, so take our demonstration apply for a spin on your gadget
Which gadgets does this assistance?
The coordinator ought to deal with any gadget that checks out pdf files (and preferably, supports links). It’s developed in specific for large-screened eInk tablets like:
  • amazing 1 & & 2
  • Supernote (A5, A5X, A6, A6X)
  • Onyx Boox– Max Lumi, Note Air, Nova Air, and so on
  • Fujitsu Quaderno (A4, A5)
  • Kindle Scribe (when it’s launched!)
How do I understand how it’ll deal with my gadget?
Try among the totally free demonstration files on your tablet to see if it’s ideal for you.
How do I install it?
The coordinator is simply a pdf file, so you pack it onto your tablet like you would any other pdf or ebook file. The actions differ depending upon the gadget you’re utilizing
How do I purchase the complete coordinator?
  1. Choose your coordinator alternatives with our personalization kind
  2. Pay through Stripe
  3. Within 15 minutes, you’ll get an e-mail with your customized constructed pdf file

Create your coordinator


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