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How To Fix An Android Phone Clock Showing The Wrong Time

How To Fix An Android Phone Clock Showing The Wrong Time
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The days of needing to by hand alter clocks are mostly behind us. Almost every device linked to the web will immediately identify the regional time zone and set itself to the appropriate time, leaving just things like (some) microwaves and lorry clocks for people to change. The exact same holds true for Android gadgets, however that does not suggest issues are a distant memory. A software application bug or other relatively mystical concerns can lead to your mobile phone revealing the incorrect time. It’s most likely that the Android function to instantly match the regional time zone has actually merely been handicapped.

As with lots of settings readily available on Android, users have the flexibility to by hand alter the time provided by their gadgets, which can be found in helpful when, for instance, taking a trip to a various time zone. According to Google, you have to alter the time zone itself rather than simply the time shown by the clock, which must assist keep things constant. When you alter the time to match that of your area, it’s an excellent concept to allow Android’s automated time zone function so that you do not need to duplicate the procedure the next time you get on an airplane or drive throughout state lines.

How to repair the time on an Android mobile phone

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Android is an extremely personalized os, which indicates that business are totally free to include their own customized interface (” skins”) on top of the platform on their gadgets. For this factor, the specific name of Android functions– along with the menus in which they lie– differ somewhat depending upon the gadget you’re utilizing. You can discover the time zone and clock functions in the very same basic location on a lot of gadgets, whether you’re digging through One UI on a Galaxy phone or you’re rocking a Pixel handset.

  1. Tap the Settings app or swipe below the top of the screen and tap the equipment icon.
  2. Scroll down through the app and try to find a menu that is entitled something like Date & & Time.
  3. On some gadgets, you’ll rather need to open the Clock app, tap the triple-dot button, and choose Settings.
  4. Tap the Change Date & & Time choice, then check (or toggle on) “Set time zone immediately.”

If you wish to guarantee your Android mobile phone updates the time to match whatever time zone you’re in at any given minute, you’ll require to rather make it possible for the “Use place to set time zone” function. If this is made it possible for, you’ll see your Android phone’s clock modification to show the present time in your brand-new area, such as when you step off the airplane in a various time zone and your phone reconnects to a cellular network or WiFi.

Why your Android phone keeps revealing the incorrect time

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If you’re experiencing repeating concerns with your mobile phone revealing the incorrect time, regardless of having the automated time zone function switched on, there might be an issue that needs some experimentation to repair. It’s possible a rogue app is altering the time for some factor, in which case you would require to uninstall it– this is more most likely if your phone is rooted, however, as apps usually should not have authorization to alter the system clock on Android.

If that does not appear to be the case, it’s likewise possible there might be an Android bug that was presented by a current gadget upgrade, in which case you’ll need to await a spot to be launched with the repair. There might likewise be some kind of problem coming from with your cordless provider that is triggering your phone to alter the time, too. Your phone might believe it’s in a various time zone based on a network issue, and so it is doing what it is expected to do: upgrading the time to show what it believes is your regional clock. Android users have actually reported this type of problem returning years, as evidenced by old online forum posts

Unfortunately, if the issue is because of a buggy Android upgrade or a concern with the provider’s network, you’re going to need to wait on the repair within a spot or another upgrade. You can attempt connecting to your provider to see if it’s a recognized problem, and, if so, whether there’s a troubleshooting technique offered that might navigate the bug till a more irreversible repair is presented. The bright side is that often times, users state they can repair an issue by merely rebooting their phones.


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