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Here’s What Happened To The Original Herbie VW Beetle From ‘The Love Bug’

Here’s What Happened To The Original Herbie VW Beetle From ‘The Love Bug’
Herbie Love Bug Volkswagen

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When we state initial, we really suggest among the initial Volkswagen Beatles utilized for the shooting of the Disney classic “The Love Bug,” which starred an anthropomorphic VW called Herbie that might believe and drive for himself. His human costars were Disney movie routine Dean Jones, popular starlet Michele Lee, and comic Buddy Hackett.

As with nearly every movie where a vehicle is cast as a primary character, the production team makes use of a proverbial fleet of lookalikes for all of the needed shots and stunts carried out. In this case, the genuine variety of film-used Bugs differs depending upon the source. Numerous, like Antique Automobile Club of America, Salado Village Voice, and even the present owner of Herbie #10(on an episode of VW Life), claim that 11 were utilized throughout shooting. IMDb puts the number “over 20,” and Disney itself, which ought to most likely be concerned as the reliable source, states through the D23 Fan Club that 21 were utilized.

Whatever the real number, the initial Bug we’re describing in this circumstances is Herbie #10(a.k.a., the Stunt Bug or Junk Bug). It is not just the earliest initial Herbie film cars and truck that stays however likewise just one of a really couple of– 3 or 5, depending upon who you ask– understood to exist still, hence making it quite distinct. Because it was utilized as the main stunt automobile throughout the movie, the production group included a roll cage, skid plates, and sturdy shocks so it might take all the pounding.

The initial Herbie still trips!

The film cars and truck was cosmetically changed, too, due to the fact that it was initially a hardtop Horizon Blue 1957 Beetle with a little rear oval window. The roofing system was transformed into a ragtop, and the oval window was bigger to look like the larger side-to-side back window seen on the Pearl White 1963 Herbie in the movie. The black and yellow license plate reading OFP 857– which is stated to stand for Official First Production August (8) 57– was likewise included.

Herbie #10 returned as an actually run-down junker Bug (not as Herbie) painted in latex home paint in the movie “Herbie Rides Again.” According to present owner Clayton Capps, after Herbie’s movie profession ended, it rested on the backlot at Disney for numerous years prior to going on a roadshow with a number of other motion picture cars and trucks. After that trip, it went to Swigart Car Museum in Pennsylvania. It was ultimately acquired by well known VW Bug collector Tory Alonzo (referred to as the “Herbie historian” in VW Bug circles).

Alonzo lent it out to the Antique Automobile Club of America in Hershey, Pennsylvania, to place on screen, however in 2016, he chose to offer Herbie. Capps, in turn, purchased it from Alonzo for $85,000, which we think is a take thinking about that 2 of the other originals cost over $125,000 Capps, who resides in Texas, has actually owned it since. He sometimes takes the Love Bug to regional programs, as evidenced by the VW Life interview provided at one. Herbie even has an Instagram account where you can track his continuous experiences.


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